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Building Emergency Action Plans (BEAP)

OSU Environmental Health and Safety in collaboration with University Public Safety developed this Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) to assist with emergency responses.  This plan is designed to address emergency concerns and to use as a resource to provide important information and assist in the safe evacuation of campus facilities. This plan is managed and coordinated through the Office of Public Safety, Emergency Management and Fire Prevention with the assistance of Environmental Health and Safety.

To view the BEAP for your building go to: OSU Public Safety: Building Emergency Action Plans (on-line)


Building Coordinators for each CFAES bulding are responsible for maintaining a current BEAP. Assistance with reviewing and updating the CFAES Building Emergency Action Plans will be provided by contacting the CFAES Safety and Health Coordinator. The BEAP Template is intended for use by departments that occupy university facilities and should be completed as a building plan including all departments and areas of the building in the planning and implementation process. The BEAP Template was created to include information for all departments to use during emergencies; however, some departments may choose to remove certain sections or add information based on their individual departmental needs.

OSU Extension offices:
County extension offices have a modified BEAP template approved through OSU Publice Safety, to accomidate the variety of office locations around the state. All county extension staff should review and update their specific BEAP annually.

OSU Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP)
Building Emergency Action Plan Template
OSU Public Safety: Building Emergency Action Plans (on-line)
OSU Extension Office: Emergency Action Plan Template
OSU Extension Office: EAP Hazardous Materials Incident Addendum
OSU Extension Office: EAP Suspicious Package Addendum
OSU Extension Office - EAP Training Presentation
OSU Emergency Management
OSU Emergency Procedures
OSHA Emergency Preparedness for Farmworkers (pdf)
Ready Ag: Disaster and Defense Preparedness (pdf)

Active Aggressor / Shooter Resources:
OSU DPS - Active Aggressor
Homeland Security - Active Shooter Booklet
FBI - Active Shooter Safety Resources - Attacks in Crowds and Public Spaces
Dept. of Labor - Workplace violence program

OSU Employee On-line BEAP Training

OSU Environmental Health and Safety has established a training program that can be accessed via  their website. (

To start the Building Emergency Action Plan Training (OSU employees / students):

1) Click on this link -

2) Cick on the Occupational Health & Safety content area.

3) Scroll down to locate the Building Emergency Action Plan, OSU-BEAP training course and click on "Take this Course".

4) Sign in using your login (last name.###)

5) At the end of the on-line training you will be prompted to take the quiz.

6) Once training has been completed, a list your training sessions will be listed under “My Training”.

Note: This training may also be conducted in a classroom group setting to emphasize building specific procedures. Contact the OSU CFAES Safety and Health Coordinator to schedule a training session for your building or staff. For buildings with fewer than 10 employees the Building Emergency Action Plan training may simply be a verbalized reveiw of the plan with employees.



If you have any questions, please contact Kent McGuire (CFAES Safety and Health Coordinator) at or (614) 292-0588.

BEAPs are coordinated through Public Safety, Emergency Management and Fire Prevention. Contact Bob Armstrong at or (614) 247-4276 for additional information or assistance completing a BEAP.

Reviewed / Updated: 3/16/23 K. McGuire