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CFAES Skid Loader Safety Policy and Employee Training

Skid Loaders are very powerful and versatile machines that can be dangerous if not operated correctly. The OSU College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has developed a Skid Loader Safety Policy with equipment and training provisions to enhance the safety of employees who operate skid loaders. This policy incorporates recognized safe operating practices and reflects OSHA regulations concerning the operation of skid loaders. Any employee or student who operates a skid loader as a condition of employment or as a course requirement is subject to this policy.

The Ohio State University CFAES Skid Loader Safety Program applies to all OSU CFAES staff members who operate and/or are responsible for skid loaders.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has established rules and guidelines for the protection of workers and facilities relating to agricultural equipment in 29 CFR 1910. General Industry and 29CFR 1928 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Agriculture.

CFAES Agricultural Skid Loader Safety Policy and Training Program

Department chairs, facility managers, or supervisors of areas where skid loaders are used should review and keep copy of the Agricultural Skid Loader Operator Safety Policy at their location.

OSU Employee Training

The College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has established a training program that can be accessed via OSU Environmental Health and Safety website. ( The training curriculum is based on National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program content and OSHA training recommendations.

The training is design to be a three step process:

     1) on-line training session through the OSU EHS website

     2) comprehensive test following the on-line session (70% correct to proceed with the final step)

     3) hands – on operator proficiency evaluation by supervisor

To start the Skid Loader Operator Training (OSU employees / students):

1) Click on this link -

2) Cick on the Occupational Health & Safety content area.

3) Scroll down to locate the Skid Loader Operator training course and click on "Take this Course".

4) Sign in using your login (last name.###)

5) At the end of the on-line training you will be prompted to take the quiz.

6) Once training has been completed, a list your training sessions will be listed under “My Training”.

7) Complete the operator proficiency evaluation with your supervisor. (If the supervisor does not have the proficiency to do the operator evaluation, please contact the OSU CFAES Safety & Health Coordinator to schedule a time to complete the evaluation for staff being trained.)

Supervisor note: This training may also be conducted on an individual basis or in a classroom group setting using lecture and discussion. Training materials for supervisors to conduct this training can be obtained from the resources links below or contact the OSU CFAES Safety and Health Coordinator to schedule a training session for your staff. The Skid Loader Training Test "Answer Key" in only available by contacting the CFAES Safety and Health Coordinator.


If you have any questions, please contact Kent McGuire (CFAES Safety and Health Coordinator) at or (614) 292-0588. You may also contact the OSU Environmental Health and Safety Office online at or by phone at (614) 292-1284.


Reviewed / Updated: 10/29/20 K. McGuire