Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

The revised Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) policy is now in effect. The UAS policy moved from interim to final status after going through the university policy process. The policy addresses the increasing use and potential risk of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, commonly known as drones, on and around campus and university properties, and is largely based on Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Operation of any UAS on any university property or at any university-sponsored event or activity, or using UAS acquired with university resources, is prohibited unless first approved by the UAS Advisory Committee.

Those who seek to operate a UAS on any university property, operate a UAS at any university-sponsored event or activity, or use a UAS acquired with university resources should become familiar with the revised policy.

If you have any questions regarding Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), please contact Kent McGuire at mcguire.225@osu.edu or 292-0588. You may also contact the OSU Office of Risk Management at osurisk@osu.edu.
Reviewed / Updated: 12/19/20 K. McGuire