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Emergency Contact Information

Campus Emergency Contact Sign Information

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To Report an Active Crime Dial 9-11

It is strongly encouraged to report crime to the police in a prompt and accurate manner. Crimes occurring on campus should be reported to the Ohio State University Police by calling 9-1-1 (emergency) or (614)-292-2121

A NOTE ABOUT CALLING 9-1-1: When contacting any emergency service, clearly state your location (ex.Wooster Campus of OSU) your building name, etc.  Knowing  and stating your office building’s physical address is very helpful in getting emergency services to you quickly.  Contact your department or Wooster Campus Public Safety to get a building address for the area you will be working and memorize it.

Immediate Assistance for Police or EHS

If you need immediate assistance from OSU Police or EHS, our staff can be dispatched by radio or phone through OSU Dispatch at 614-292-2121.

Non-Emergency contact information:

If you need non-emergency assistance from OSU Police or EHS, dial 614-292-2121 and ask dispatch to reach an officer by phone or see our Contact Us page for the staff directory.

OSU Police Officers and Environmental Safety Officers work together to respond to safety and environmental issues.