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College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Committee Members

Wooster Campus Safety Committee Representatives
Administration Royce Thornton
  Brian Gwin
  alt. Loren Harper
Animal Sciences Janet McCormick
ATI Art, Science, and Business Jesse Rossington - Chair 2022
ATI Horticulture  
ATI Ag. & Engineering Mark Schleppi
GDAL (Grace Drake)  
CFAES Columbus (ex-officio) Kent McGuire
EHS (ex-officio) Seth Walker
  Cassi Sewell
Entomology Jim Hacker
  alt. Amy Raudenbush
FABE Mike Klingman
  alt. Scott Wolfe - Secretary 2022
Facilities Services Roger Hamilton
  alt. Jeff Strouse
  Jonathan Zsoldos
Faculty Rep.  
FAHRP Mike Kauffman
  alt. Meghan Strother
Hort & Crop Sciences Kesia Hartzler
  alt. Laura Chapin
Plant Pathology Lee Wilson
Research Ops./Branches Jim Buxton
  alt. Ken Scaife
SENR Deana Hudgins
  alt. Bethany Herman
USDA/ARS (rotating) Tony Karcher
  Leona Horst
  Mike Reding
Email Recipients Only CFAES Wooster Director
  Martha Bollinger
  Jim Hampton, usda
  Ken Chamberlain
  Jenny Barnett
  Mike Sword
  Amy Ryan