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2022 Lab Managers Meeting - Clean Harbors Presentation

Clean Harbors Presentation and Lab Staff Safety Meeting
Tuesday, February 2nd 10:00am

Meeting Recording


-Jason Luu of Clean Harbors Introduction and Presentation: (timestamp 0:0:59)

-Update ORAT annually and when job duties change, make sure all new employees and students fill out: (timestamp 0:45:11)

-Chemical pick-ups (usually last week of Wednesday): (timestamp 0:46:45)

                -container compatible for waste, don’t reuse if container specifically says that

                -store properly, NOT on floor, and in secondary containment

                -lid closed when not actively filling

                -inspect weekly (cracks, breaks, leaks, etc)

                -fully fill out label (haz com section) 

-Supply delivery & bio waste, weekly or as needed (timestamp 0:52:33)

-Bio Waste – bags tied, and lids closed or wont take, keep lids closed when not actively filling (timestamp 0:53:16)

-ABSL2 animals in secondary containment when moving from housing to procedure space (timestamp 0:54:04)

-Dave replacement update (timestamp 0:54:30)

-Field Research Safety Plan (timestamp 0:54:55)

                -general for the season okay – think about different weather and conditions when filling out

                -store with CHP/HazCom Pan & document training for the plan

                -submit with IBC protocol, not required but helpful and may be asked for it

-2022 Inspections (timestamp 0:56:48)

-deficiencies must be responded to via EHS Assist, I can’t close them without a response and resolution (timestamp 0:58:04)

-everyone should be using EHS Online for their CHP, deficiencies will be issued if not (timestamp 0:58:54)

-lab mentoring program (timestamp 0:59:12)

-common areas of concern seen during inspection (timestamp 1:00:01)


For more information contact: Cassi Sewell - Environmental Safety Officer

Phone: (330)263-3663        Email: