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2024 Lab Managers Meeting

2024 Wooster Lab Manager Meeting - Biosafety Presentation, Wooster Campus Safety Committee Information
Friday, February 16th @ 10am

Meeting Recording



-Dave Puskas and Holly Ferris - Biosafety Information

-Jonathan Zsoldos - Wooster Campus Safety Committee

New Updates:

-Safety Workbook announcement - Kent McGuire

-Tornado siren updates

-CITI training due every four years. Make sure ALL people are listed on IBC and IACUC protocols to meet this requirement

-Brian Hanna/projects and planning updates for NEW projects (Interim until late summer 2024):

                -Seth walker.439 for all project planning

                -Joe Messenger.47 for all project implementation

                -Gene Howell for all current projects

-Decontaminate and clean equipment (fume hoods, etc) BEFORE facilities services does ANY work

-Annual fit tests emails going out for scheduling in March and April

-Lab inspections begging soon. Those PIs will be emailed to schedule, please don’t share that link with others, the lab will be notified as it is there turn. I am not inspecting the whole building at one time


-ORAT must be filled out by ALL new employees, including volunteers, update any time job duties change and annually.  If you need a respirator and you have been to MedPro and have not received a Medical Clearance form within 2 weeks, please reach out to me so I can follow up on that.  The email link is ONLY good for 14 days, download that form immediately.  Online Risk Assessment Tool (ORAT) | Environmental Health and Safety (

-N95s must be fit tested if use is required, including IBC or animal use.  “Required” according to label of chemical, IBC safety protocols, and sometimes based on EHS Hazard Assessment.  Reach out to Cassi with questions or if you need a fit test. 

-“Voluntary Use” for respirators is okay. Half-face and full-face MUST have medical examination before use.  N95 does not need medical examination.  All voluntary use must adhere to Appendix D to Sec. 1910.134: 1910.134 App D - (Mandatory) Information for Employees Using Respirators When not Required Under the Standard. | Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( 

-No evaporation of chemicals in fume hoods or labs, including alcohol.  Remove bag and dispose of in bucket or barrel of chemically contaminated waste, disposed through EHS Chemical Waste, cardboard box can be recycled.

-Notify me of new PIs and lab managers, I host an introduction and training on EHS Systems.

-Excellence in Safety Awards nominations through March 31st.  Excellence in Safety Awards | Environmental Health and Safety ( Student, Faculty/Staff, Lab Group awards. Individual winners receive commemorative plaque, winning lab receive commemorative plaque and $500 towards safety supplies, PPE, training, etc. CFAES Wooster won 2 of the 3 in 2023, lets aim for all 3 in 2024.

-Chemical pick-ups (usually last Wednesday of month) 

-Waste Flowcharts:  Research/Biosafety Programs and Services | Environmental Health and Safety (

-Supply delivery & bio waste, weekly or as needed

-Bio Waste – bags tied, and lids closed or won’t take, LIDS CLOSED WHEN NOT ACTIVELY FILLING

-SOP Flowchart – use to help figure out what type of SOP is required for chemicals

-Field Research Safety Plan: CFAES Field Teaching & Research Safety | CFAES Safety and Compliance (

                -general for the season okay – think about different weather and conditions when filling out

                -store with CHP/HazCom Plan & document training for the plan

                -submit with IBC protocol, not required yet but helpful and may be asked for it

2024 Inspections:

-deficiencies must be responded to via EHS Assist, I can’t close them without a response and resolution, unresolved or deficiencies not responded to will result in new deficiency for 2023

-will be checking IBC protocols for continuity between protocol and how things are handled in the working space

-reading through the checklist with the manager of PI for the inspection


For more information contact: Cassi Sewell - Environmental Safety Officer

Phone: (330)263-3663        Email: