COVID-19 Employee Resources

This CFAES Employee Safety page will serve to list work procedures or guildines, reinforce existing work safety protocols, and provide resources to reduce COVID-19 risks by implementing administrative or engineering controls.

Upadate June 17 2021: 

Effective July 1, the university will be lifting the state of emergency declaration that has been in place since March 2020. The declaration, which was pursuant to Ohio State’s Disaster Preparedness and University State of Emergency Policy (Policy 6.17) (link is external), gave the university flexibility in making a variety of financial decisions during the pandemic.

As we progress with re-activiation of campus, individuals with Covid-19 related restiction questions should refer to the OSU Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website.

June 9 2021 Mask Updates below


Beginning Monday, May 10 and continuing forward, people density in research and creative expression (R&CE) activities can be up to 100%, PROVIDED that campus physical distancing requirements are maintained and all other university and CFAES guidance for activities on campus are followed, including physical distancing, wearing masks and appropriate hand hygiene.  These measures and other university guidance can be found on the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website. For laboratory and greenhouse work, the increase in people density is an update of the continuation of Stage 5 in the research reopening process in place since August 2020.  For field work, please see this guidance distributed in March. Please contact Gary Pierzynski.3 with questions.

Please check University guidance frequently for the most up-to-date Covid-19 information:

On-line required "Return to Campus" training from faculty and staff:
Complete the University required Buckeye Learn training “Returning to Campus Research Labs and Studios Training” prior to beginning any activities.  The course is available at:
Health Check
All CFAES personnel will report your daily health status if you plan to be on our Columbus, Wooster, or Statewide Campus (e.g., Extension offices and research stations), doing field work, or interacting face-to-face with the community on behalf of Ohio State.
The steps to report are simple:
1.     Take your temperature.
2.     Log in to the health reporting tool via or the Ohio State app.
3.     Record your temperature and answer other health reporting questions.
4.     Receive your daily health passport. This passport is good during the day it was submitted. 
       RED = Stay home and contact your supervisor
       GREEN = Clear to come to campus
       YELLOW = Time to report your health check
Mask On / Masks Off Guidance

Update:6/9/21- Ohio State continues to respond to changes in public health guidance. In accordance with public health guidelines, Ohio State has adjusted its mask requirements:

  • Indoor masking: Effective June 9, fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors, except for in Wexner Medical Center facilities and on public transportation, in accordance with public health guidelines. Individuals who are not vaccinated are required to continue wearing masks indoors.
  • Outdoor masking: Effective May 17, fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask outdoors on Ohio State campuses. The university continues to strongly recommend that unvaccinated people wear masks when they cannot maintain safe distancing. Note that individuals are fully vaccinated 14 days after their final dose of vaccine.

At the Wexner Medical Center, there are additional safety measures (link is external) and masking guidance in place.

Mask Guidelines

Location Fully vaccinated Not fully vaccinated

Indoor public spaces – including classrooms, research labs, offices, campus buildings, recreation centers, dining facilities, residence halls, childcare centers, meeting and event space

Masks not required Masks required
Outdoor public spaces Masks not required Masks recommended

Transportation – including CABS and shuttle buses

Masks required Masks required

Wexner Medical Center facilities (including the Nisonger Childcare Center)

Masks required Masks required

The university has compiled guidance on how to respectfully encourage compliance with face mask guidelines on campus.

Mail sevice return to buildings:

For buildings who are forwarding mail to Waterman (2490 Carmack Rd, Columbus, OH 43210)

  • If buildings chose to ‘stop forwarding’ and have USPS mail delivered to their mail rooms, please follow this process:
    • Email to Charles Sims, Jr., USPS Field Account Rep, asking to ‘Stop Forwarding Mail to 2490 Carmack Rd’. Contact info: Charles Sims Jr. | Field Account Representative | United States Postal Service. 850 Twin Rivers Dr. | Columbus, OH. 43216 |W 614-469-4282 |C 614-381-1627 |
    • Please CC Kent McGuire.225 and Dewey Mann.309; they will confirm delivery location with the mailcarriers
  • If there is a need to ‘start forwarding’ again to Waterman, just follow the same process above.
  1. Campus Mail and Parcels 
  • To communicate changes in campus mail and parcel delivery to campus buildings, contact OSU Shipping and Receiving by 
    • Sending an email to:
      • Subject: Campus Mail and Parcel Delivery Service Request
      • Requesting all campus and parcel mail be delivered to [building name, building number, address] starting [insert date].
CFAES Employee Resources:
Additional Resources:
If you have any questions, please contact:
Seth Walker
      CFAES Director of Safety and Compliance
      Phone: 330-263-3665
Kent McGuire
      CFAES Safety & Health Coordinator
      Phone: 614-292-0588
Cassi Sewell
     Environmental Safety Officer
     Phone: (330)263-3663


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