COVID-19 Employee Resources

This CFAES Employee Safety page will serve to list work procedures or guildines, reinforce existing work safety protocols, and provide resources to reduce COVID-19 risks by implementing administrative or engineering controls.
Resources for guidance on expectations for employees reporting to the workplace are listed below. Please abide by the following requirements, which will be strictly enforced. If you have been approved to come to campus or report to your work location, you are reminded:
  • Daily health check-in for employees reporting to the workplace via or the Ohio State app..
  • For research lab spaces, no more than two individuals may be present where the work is being conducted and they must maintain appropriate social distance. Limit to one person if at all possible.
  • For outside research projects, keep number of individuals to a minimum where the work is being conducted and they must maintain appropriate social distance and PPE requirements required for work tasks, as well as COVID-19 requirements.
  • No more than one person per vehicle if travel is required to complete the work. 
  • All necessary PPE must be utilized, including provisions for washing or sanitizing hands, equipment, tools, etc.  PPE will be catergorized into two groupings: COVID-19 protection and work task protection.  If you do not have all necessary PPE, the work cannot be done.
  • Minimize time on campus or in any buildings, greenhouses, shops, and barns. Complete approved task and return to working at home immediately,
  • Conduct all meetings virtually, if possible.
  • Minimize contact between persons,
  • Initiate enhanced cleaning procedures in the lab and other work areas,
  • Maintain an updated log of everyone who works in the lab, greenhouse, or field,
  • Perform data analysis, writing, and other tasks remotely,
  • Develop contingency plans for the proposed activities, taking into consideration personnel contact lists and plans, potential personnel absences and illnesses, and limited or delayed supply availability.
  • If approved activity involves work at an outlying research stations, research farms, or on the property of a private cooperator, make sure you coordinate in advance with those locations to ensure that all health and safety requirements can be maintained. 
University guidance related to Covid-19 can be at:
On-line required "Return to Campus" training from faculty and staff:
Complete the University required Buckeye Learn training “Returning to Campus Research Labs and Studios Training” prior to beginning any activities.  The course is available at:
Health Check
All CFAES personnel will report your daily health status if you plan to be on our Columbus, Wooster, or Statewide Campus (e.g., Extension offices and research stations), doing field work, or interacting face-to-face with the community on behalf of Ohio State.
The steps to report are simple:
1.     Take your temperature.
2.     Log in to the health reporting tool via or the Ohio State app.
3.     Record your temperature and answer other health reporting questions.
4.     Receive your daily health passport. This passport is good during the day it was submitted. 
       RED = Stay home and contact your supervisor
       GREEN = Clear to come to campus
       YELLOW = Time to report your health check
Mask On / Masks Off Guidance

Wearing a mask is part of the larger picture of safe and healthy measures, including physical distancing, good hygiene and staying away from others when ill.

Face masks must be worn on Ohio State’s campuses. Face masks must be worn in indoor settings, including, but not limited to: classrooms, residence halls, conference rooms, shared office spaces, hallways, buses, shared vehicles and common areas such as lobbies, study spaces and laundry facilities on all Ohio State campuses. The number of individuals in any indoor space should be limited to facilitate physical distancing. Masks must also be worn in outdoor settings, even when individuals can maintain appropriate physical distancing.

Indoors or outdoors, exceptions are made for those dining, participating in strenuous activity or taking part in performance-based classes. As an added safety measure, open-air tents have been set up on campus for use by arts, dance and music classes as well as certain courses with extended outdoor activities in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Masks are not required for classes in these open-air tents.

Additionally, there is an exception for university staff working alone in an individual's own office, working outdoors for long periods of time who are able to maintain appropriate physical distancing or are operating equipment alone. Individuals must have a mask available if needed.

The university has compiled guidance on how to respectfully encourage compliance with face mask guidelines on campus.

CFAES Employee Resources:
Additional Resources:
If you have any questions, please contact:
Seth Walker
      CFAES Director of Safety and Compliance
      Phone: 330-263-3665
Kent McGuire
      CFAES Safety & Health Coordinator
      Phone: 614-292-0588
Cassi Sewell
     Environmental Safety Officer
     Phone: (330)263-3663


Reviewed / Updated: 1/14/21 K. McGuire