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COVID-19 Employee Resources

This CFAES Employee Safety page will serve to list work procedures or guildines, reinforce existing work safety protocols, and provide resources to reduce COVID-19 risks by implementing administrative or engineering controls.

Please check University guidance frequently for the most up-to-date Covid-19 information:

Face mask requirements

Ohio State continues to respond to changes in public health guidance. In accordance with public health guidelines, Ohio State has adjusted its mask requirements:

  • Indoor masking: Effective August 2, 2021, students, faculty, staff and visitors to all Ohio State campuses and medical facilities are required to wear masks indoors, regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Outdoor masking: Masks are required outdoors for unvaccinated individuals when they cannot maintain physical distancing. Vaccinated people are not required to mask outdoors.

Throughout the pandemic, Ohio State has adapted its actions based on new information and expertise from local, state and federal health officials as well as our own medical and public health experts. We will continue to follow this approach as we prepare for a robust, in-person experience in the upcoming academic year.

Mask Guidelines

Location Fully vaccinated Not fully vaccinated

Indoor public spaces – including classrooms, research labs, offices, campus buildings, recreation centers, dining facilities, residence halls, childcare centers, meeting and event space

Masks required Masks required
Outdoor public spaces Masks not required Masks required

Transportation – including CABS and shuttle buses

Masks required Masks required

Wexner Medical Center clinical facilities (including the Nisonger Childcare Center), Student Health facilities and colleges and units with public facing clinical operations

Masks required Masks required

The university has compiled guidance on how to respectfully encourage compliance with face mask guidelines on campus.


COVID-19 Case Reporting Reminder

As COVID-19 cases spike, we are reminding all faculty and staff of the importance to report cases (confirmed and suspected) to your HR Business Partners immediately. This will support efficient contact tracing and ensure employees are provided accurate and timely guidance regarding isolation or quarantine.

Note – to protect the privacy of all employees, this information should be sent directly to Brandi and Nicole, CFAES HR Business Partners. They will provide any necessary updates regarding staffing changes needed, work from home and leave options, etc.  

  • If you receive a report, confirmed or unconfirmed, that a member of your team has been exposed to or has contracted COVID-19, please email Brandi and Nicole
    • Please include the following information:
      • Full Name – if they use a nickname notate that
      • Employee ID
      • Dot number
      • Location of office
      • Location of work if different
      • Is this suspected or confirmed?
      • Timelines (when did they fall ill/when confirmed)
      • If person is hospitalized, where?
  • Please also call the Wexner Medical Center’s COVID-19 call center at (614) 293-4000 for guidance. Do not call this line for general COVID-19 information.
    • This call number may give Columbus-centric advice - to that end, the most important thing you can do is report to Brandi and Nicole.
  • If you are personally experiencing signs or symptoms of respiratory illness consistent with COVID-19, have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19 or have been diagnosed with the virus, you should contact your primary care physician. If you are unable to reach your primary care physician, call the Wexner Medical Center’s COVID-19 call center at (614) 293-4000 for guidance.

FAQ: Do faculty or staff need to report to their supervisor before they report to Nicole or Brandi?


Mail sevice return to buildings:

For buildings who are forwarding mail to Waterman (2490 Carmack Rd, Columbus, OH 43210)

  • If buildings chose to ‘stop forwarding’ and have USPS mail delivered to their mail rooms, please follow this process:
    • Email to Charles Sims, Jr., USPS Field Account Rep, asking to ‘Stop Forwarding Mail to 2490 Carmack Rd’. Contact info: Charles Sims Jr. | Field Account Representative | United States Postal Service. 850 Twin Rivers Dr. | Columbus, OH. 43216 |W 614-469-4282 |C 614-381-1627 |
    • Please CC Kent McGuire.225 and Dewey Mann.309; they will confirm delivery location with the mailcarriers
  • If there is a need to ‘start forwarding’ again to Waterman, just follow the same process above.
  1. Campus Mail and Parcels 
  • To communicate changes in campus mail and parcel delivery to campus buildings, contact OSU Shipping and Receiving by 
    • Sending an email to:
      • Subject: Campus Mail and Parcel Delivery Service Request
      • Requesting all campus and parcel mail be delivered to [building name, building number, address] starting [insert date].

If you have any questions, please contact:

Seth Walker
      CFAES Director of Safety and Compliance
      Phone: 330-263-3665

Kent McGuire
      CFAES Safety & Health Coordinator
      Phone: 614-292-0588

Cassi Sewell
     Environmental Safety Officer
     Phone: (330)263-3663


Reviewed / Updated: 8/3/21 K. McGuire