Event Planning and Hosting of Non-Ohio State Clientele

This section is specifically for our non-Ohio State clientele who work and collaborate with CFAES and use our event facilities (e.g., Fisher Auditorium, Secrest Arboretum, 4-H Center, Ag Auditorium, South Centers, research facilities), and how we can begin to address facility use requests again. All rules for safe operating procedures under COVID-19 as outlined by the governor, CDC, and the University must be followed.

As of May 10, 2021, university organizations may offer in-person programming and Ohio State venues may consider third-party events that want to use university spaces under these guidelines.

  • All events and gatherings must follow state, local and university protocols to protect all involved. These protocols include wearing masks, managing physical distancing and tracking attendance to support contact tracing if needed. Note that all guidance is subject to change based on health guidance.
  • Daily activities are permitted. Overnight activities are not at this time.
  • Group sizes will be limited based on the capacity of the location, requirements to maintain physical distancing and operational requirements.
  • All events must be approved in advance through below protocols. University venues are prepared to help event sponsors through the process and requirements to facilitate safe events.

An event is defined as a planned activity, other than academic classes scheduled as part of the university curriculum, that is held in a university building or outdoor space on a university campus or with a community partner. A gathering is defined as a formal or informal assembly of people that is either planned or spontaneous.

Addional event and gathering information can be found at: https://safeandhealthy.osu.edu/events

Please note that venue guidance is at the university level. Due to the exemptions given to our college to manage our internal events and our outreach programing, this information may differ. If you have any questions or need clarification, let Anne Dorrance (dorrance.1@osu.edu) know, and she will discuss with the committee for guidance.

Fill out the CFAES FACILITIES EVENTS REQUEST FORM. Email the form to Debbie Shaffer (shaffer.271@osu.edu) by Monday at 8:00 am. The Committee meets on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm and they review everything. Once approved by the committee, the applicatons are sent for the Dean’s final approval.