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2021 Wooster Lab Manager Meeting

Lab Staff Safety Meeting
Tuesday, February 16th 10:00am

Meeting Recordings (3 Parts):



-Introductions (Cassi and Kent), thank everyone for joining

-Meeting being recorded

-2021 lab site visits: (Recording timestamp Part 1 - 01:18)

-high risk labs received emails and scheduled already

-self-inspections ON HOLD – pilot program upcoming, might be asked to participate

-emails will be sent to PI – PI can choose a representative to conduct inspection.

-30 days to complete – if chosen and do not want to participate please let me know.

-General schedule for all others:

                        -March 24 – Williams Hall

                        -March 30 – Japanese Beetle & Gourley Hall

                        -April 7 – Selby Hall

                        -April 14 – FAHRP, Edgington & Pounden

                        -April 21 – FABE & Gerlaugh

                        -April 28 – ATI & Science Building

                        -May? – Piketon

                        -June? – Greenhouses


-Wooster and Branch Campus Changes due to Dave & Dorian retirement: (Recording timestamp Part 1 - 11:18)

-Clean Harbors chem waste pick-up, submit work order – select ‘Public Safety’ under ‘Work Category’ dropdown menu, be sure to include room number  Submit a Service Request | CFAES Safety (

-Bio waste pick-up & supplies (chem & bio) delivery – use same work order system, I pick-up bio waste and deliver all supplies – usually on Wednesdays.

-I conduct ALL Wooster campus & Piketon lab inspections, just like Dorian used to do.  Cathy Black and Ross McClain will be conducting shop inspections.

-Any issues with fire extinguishers, AEDs, and things of that nature send me an email to let me know.  Issues with faulty eyewash or non-working fume hoods submit work order to facilities services.  I can certify and test fume hoods but not fix them.

-Fire panel or alarm issues, call facilities services.


-New CFAES Safety Website (Kent) (Recording timestamp Part 1 - 19:16)

-BSL1 changes: (Recording timestamp Part 1 - 32:56)

-BSL1 lab – works with ANY biological agent (GH rooms, some BSL1 require IBC approval (transgenic or recombinant DNA)

-make sure your door sign indicates the lab does BSL1 work, if sign is outdated please order new one (free), including making sure contact info is up to date

-doors must be closed when work is being conducted in lab

-long hair (anything long enough to be pulled back) must be pulled up when working

-no plants or animals other than those specifically involved in the research to be in lab

-anyone working or visiting the lab must take BSL1 training (training is available now, takes about 15 minutes, with 7 question quiz at end) (BSL2 training covers the BSL1 info)


-EHS Online: (Recording timestamp Part 2 – 0:07)

-new place for CHP, HazCom Plan, SOPs, trainings, and HEAT (Hazard Evaluation Assessment Tool).

-my screen may look different than yours, I am admin in the system

- Home Screen - ? – takes you to Guide Document, can download and save if preferred.

DEMO (Recording timestamp Part 2 – 1:00):

-Safety Training – can search by title or keyword – ‘My Transcript’

-Group Training, CHP, SOPs, and Lab Plans – select group (can see what is due or still needs done, SOPs created with SOP Generator will have GHS symbol, uploaded SOPs will not, move toward SOP Generator SOPs)

-‘Training Group’ is moved from old system – you can download SOPs from old CHP here.

-‘Research Group’ is generated with new system – you can use either, preferred to archive one so there are not two in your list.

-group detail

-members – add/remove members, demote, view group transcript


 – add trainings, set up schedule for retaking trainings, view group transcript

-documents – ‘Create from Template’


– locations are added on different tab, print and keep page 3 (intro page) in lab (update annually)

-SOPs (Recording timestamp Part 3  – 1:30):– walk through process *Ethly Methyl Death (update  every 3 years) 

-HEAT – takes longer to fill out, asks pointed questions and provides recommendations for trainings, etc…  (annual, after 1st time you simply update)

      -locations – add locations here, will autofill into CHP intro page

-please let me or Mitch Baker.779 know about any issues or areas of improvement you see in the system


For more information contact: Cassi Sewell - Environmental Safety Officer

Phone: (330)263-3663        Email: