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College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

CFAES Columbus Campus Building Coordinators

Building coordinators are designated liaisons to Facilities Operations and Development (FOD). Coordinator responsibilities include working with the FOD zone leaders to improve building services and conditions, including its environmental, electrical, plumbing, elevator and related systems.  The building coordinator also coordinates issues reported by building occupants and works with Service2Facilities when repairs are needed. Additional FOD information for coordinators can be found at:

Agricultural Administration Bldg
Janice Dicarolis - AEDE   292-5977        250A Ag Admin Bldg

Agricultural Engineering Building  
Mike Lichtensteiger   292-9351 216 Ag Engineering Bldg

Asst. Coordinator:
Rachel Cornell  292-9408  200 Ag Engineering Bldg

Animal Science Building
Michelle Milligan   292-2201  122 Animal Science Bldg

Howlett Hall 
Meredith Luikart   688-5319   217A Howlett Hall

Howlett Greenhouses
Tommie Rothgery       Howlett Hall

Kottman Hall
Meredith Luikart (2023 Calendar Year)   688-5319  

Michael Kelly -Kottman Greenhouse 292-9355

Ornamental Germplasm Center
Susan Stieve   292-3726     115 Germplasm Center

Parker Food Science
Gary Wenneker   247-6865  110 Parker Food Science

Plumb Hall  
Michelle Milligan   292-2201  122 Animal Science Bldg

OSU 4H Center
Allen Auck   247-8148      2201 Fred Taylor Dr.

Heffner Wetlands Research Park
Glenn Mills   292-7234   352 Dodridge St

Waterman Dairy
John Lemmermen   292-6759   2433 Carmack Road

Waterman Headquarters Builidng
Glenn Mills   292-7234   2490 Carmack Rd

Waterman - Kuntz-Brundige Extension Building
Christina Byrd   292-6518   2548 Carmack Rd

Waterman - Turfgrass Facility
Brandon Stith     2710 North Star Rd

Waterman - Controlled Environment Agricultural Research Center
Mike Anderson    292-1666  


Reviewed / Updated: 7/10/23 K. McGuire