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Ohio Emergency Management - OSU Extension: ESF-11

State of Ohio Emergency Operations:
Emergency Support Function #11 - Food and Agriculture

Emergency Support Function #11 of the Ohio Emergency Operations Plan addresses concerns for the agriculture function in the State of Ohio during emergencies or natural disasters. ESF-11, along with its sub-plans: Radiological Response; Animal Disease Incident Plan; Ohio National Veterinary Stockpile Plan; and Dangerous and Wild Animal Response Plan, constitute the State’s plans for response to emergency or disaster incidents that impact agricultural issues and assets.

Federal ESF-11 will support state assessment, response and recovery activities and the State ESF-11 will submit requests for emergency assistance to the Federal ESF-11.

State ESF-11 Primary and Support Agencies will work together throughout emergency response and recovery operations to ensure that emergency agriculture needs are identified, assessed and prioritized. Ohio Department of Agriculture is the primary coordinating agency for Ohio EMA ESF-11, and will be responsible for working with the plan’s support agencies to ensure that there is integration of, and transition between response and recovery activities.

Local-level emergency requests for state ESF-11 resources and services that are communicated to the Ohio Emergency Operations Center will be directed to ESF-11 staff. Local requests for ESF-11-related assistance at the site of the disaster will be coordinated through the Ohio Emergency Operations Center.

Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) shall assist the Ohio EMA and other state agencies in planning and directing a statewide program for protection against damage to livestock, foodstuffs and crops, and for ensuring public health and safety with regard to consumption of dairy products. Control actions issued by the ODA Director may include quarantine, isolation, and confiscation or destruction of crops, livestock and foodstuffs. ODA is responsible for issuing livestock and poultry advisories within an affected area. ODA may dispatch representatives to coordinate with federal counterparts and local Extension representatives in affected areas to estimate crop and livestock damages.

OSU Extension serves as a support agency in Ohio EMA ESF-11 under USDA / ODA, during emergency operations activation, trainings, and planned exercises. During an emergency, OSU Extension County Offices in affected areas will coordinate with State OSU Extension ESF-11 contacts, local governmental officials, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and the Ohio Department of Health to provide guidance and information to the agricultural community and the general public.  

Ohio State University Extension service as an ODA support agency includes:
a. Ensure that personnel are assigned to affected communities’ extension offices throughout an emergency.
b. Maintain daily communications with each affected extension office.
c. Set up mail distribution lists for affected counties.
d. Inform appropriate State and Federal organizations of emergency information received from the counties.
e. Assist in the distribution of Joint Information Center created emergency public information messages.
f. Provide personnel and material support to affected communities when required.
g. Activate network of State Specialists if needed for information gathering from national or international agricultural information networks.

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OSU Extension ESF-11 Contacts:
Kent McGuire
      CFAES Safety & Health Coordinator
      Phone: 614-292-0588

Seth Walker
      CFAES Director of Safety and Compliance
      Phone: 330-263-3665


Reviewed / Updated: 2/3/24 K. McGuire